Saturday, 30 January 2010

Daily Facial Skin Care Routine

I have always had trouble finding the right products to use on my face for so many years now, and I had tried just about everything. But everything i had used in the past seemed to just make my skin either too dry, too oily or just make me break out in spots! I had pretty much given up.

I was shopping in town not long ago with my friend Zoe and we popped into boots, i think i was probably moaning about how annoying it was that nothing seemed to work on my skin and she suggested that i try the Botanics range that boots sell as she had heard through other people that it worked really well. I was kind of reluctant as i had wasted so much money on products in the past when nothing had ever worked, but in the end i decided that i may as well just give it a go.

And guess what..... It has worked Wonders!!!

So here lovelies is my daily skin care routine using the Boots Botanics range :)

I start my removing my eye make up using cotton wool pads and the "Soothing Eye Make Up Remover" for all skin types, this cost £2.93, such a bargain. This product is so gentle on the skin and doesn't sting at all when you rub it over the eye.

I then Cleanse my face using the "Skin Brightening Cleanser", for all skin types, this cost £3.91 and i apply this with just cotton wool pads. What I love about this product is the pump lid bottle, i find that i only need about two squirts so it goes such a long way. Again this so gentle on my skin, and it gives such a clean feeling when taking off the days make up!

After Cleansing my face i like to get all the excess cleanser off and make sure my face is make up free so i use the "Skin Brightening Toner" for all skin types. Like the Cleanser is cost £3.91, and I apply this using cotton wool pads. Again it goes such a long way, it seems to last forever, and it makes my skin look bright and full of life.

The last part of my skin care routine is the moisturising, and because I generally do this routine before I go to bed, I decided to try the "Night Shift Moisture Cream" for normal/dry skin. i decided to get one for slightly dryer skin because I have had problems with dry skin in the past and hate it when my make up doesn't apply right when I have dry skin. Anyway, this cost £5.86, the most expensive of all the products, but like the other products i only use a tiny bit each night because it spreads out across my face so evenly! This Cream has been absolutely fantastic, no more dry skin problems for me :)

So that's it, that is my daily skin care routine using what I feel are the best products I have ever used, and recommend it to anyone who has real trouble finding products to fit what seems to be their ever changing skin type!

Love Becca xoxox

Friday, 29 January 2010

An Introduction

I decided that it was time for me to create a blog, as i absolutley love reading other people's! I hope you all will enjoy reading mine as well.
I will be posting random things from Primark Hauls to Lush reviews to Jewellery and lots more!
I was introduced to blogging through my lovely friend Zoe, i'm sure alot of you are already familier with her blog!

I will try and post as much as i can and as often as i can, it will be a nice wind down in the evenings!
Any Hoo follow me and i promise you will not regret it, Enjoy :)
Lots of Love Becca xoxox